Frequently Asked Questions

Upon signing up you will receive an email that allows you to create a member log in and password that gives you access to Teyana’s 3 Month Course. Once logged into your personal dashboard, Teyana takes the guesswork out of figuring out which workouts to do on which day by streamlining the order of the workouts on your behalf. Teyana has tailored the workout schedule week by week. Each week members will have access to one workout per day to complete before it cycles to the next workout in the course. The platform will keep track of your progress and keep you accountable in order to complete the course in the way it was designed to achieve results. Each month will feature new content that progressively gets more difficult as you continue through the course. Upon completion of the course, you will have full annual access to all of Teyana’s content so you can maintain the body that you have worked so hard to create! Thank you for submitting to get fit.
Members can access through either a web browser on their computer or phone from anywhere and at anytime.
Log into and if you’re an existing member you can select “Sign in” on the top menu bar. If you have not signed up then you can select “ Sign up” on the main website at any time.
1) 3 Month Course – Teyana has created a 3 Month workout course that begins from easier to more difficult as the program progresses. Teyana has compiled workouts that she herself uses as her workout routines to stay in shape. Each month will include workouts broken down by week so streamline the flow of workouts. Some workouts may repeat over the course of that month. When it works, it works.
2) 7 for 7’s – Teyana also included her 7 for 7’s designed by Courtney, her Trainer/Choreographer. These short but very intense workouts were designed for Teyana when she was on the road and on the go to make sure she is toning all parts of her body. The workouts are broken down into 7 different movements for a minute each. So each workout will last a minimum of 7 minutes but those 7 minutes will have you feeling the BURN!
3) Meals Plan – Teyana enjoys her food! However, she refers to a structured option list that includes a certain combination of foods that were designed for her when she needs to get into tip top shape for tour.
4) Workout Calendar – Each week you will receive a set of videos with allotted rest days broken down into a workout calendar. Typically you will receive 6 workouts per week with a rest day per week. Please review the attached file that provides the suggestive schedule to follow per week.
  • One-Time Payment, Annual Course Option:
    • The course is billed with an annual fee of $149.97. A $99.79 promotion on the annual option is available during select times. This option includes:
      • Teyana’s 3 Month Course
      • Tailored Meal Plans
      • Workout Calendar
      • Teyana’s Dance Workouts
      • 7 for 7’s
      • 10% off apparel and equipment
      • Free access to any future Teyana workouts released during your membership
  • Installment Option
    • The 90-day course can be financed with 3 easy monthly installment payments of $49.99 with a total charge of $149.97 for annual access. This option includes:
      • Teyana’s 90 Day Course
      • Tailored Meal Plans
      • Workout Calendar
      • Teyana’s Dance Workouts
      • 7 for 7’s
Teyana uses various types of routines to workout but primarily her workouts are DANCE in nature. She also loves boxing and core exercises to mix it up in her routines.
Nothing is required. Some equipment is recommended such as the F2F Yoga mat, a water bottle, and occasionally the use of a 2-5lb dumbbell.
Yes. Although rare, available workouts may change at any time without notice.
Yes. Future releases will be announced.
After the 3 Month course is completed, Teyana will be creating additional workouts with other trainers, celebrities, and fitness guru’s that will be available for purchase. The one time payment option package includes any future premium content that is created featuring Teyana Taylor.
No. Once purchased, programs will only appear under Purchased Programs.
No, they are included in the 90-day course and available to view and download.
All memberships are based on an annual basis. You are locked in and whatever payment option you choose. For instance if you select the one time $99.97 payment then you are locked in at that rate every year. You will be billed again on the annual anniversary date of your membership.
Customers sometimes put the wrong email or make a typo when registering initially. Contact customer support and they can reset your email and login manually.
We have given all members a 14-day money back guarantee! Due to the intellectual property and proprietary content associated with this program we cannot offer a refund after the risk free money back guarantee has expired. Call or email customers support to obtain a refund prior to the 14 days has surpassed.